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English Speaking Course
Basic & Advance

67 Countries in the world, as well as 27 non-sovereign, have adopted English as an Official Language, Today is the era of Multinational firms which are spread across many countries. Hence English is the major language in the Corporate & Business Sector, it is a dominant language in the corporate world that makes it necessary for people to speak English. Nowadays, one can learn English and develop impactful communication skills and enhance themselves with confidence. We completely believe in the power of the English Language and its possibilities.

Language Proficiency

  • The course is designed for a beginner for those who have some sort of an idea about English. Basic is a step higher than foundation
  • Reading, Basic Phases, Words & Sentences, Basic Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonics, Communication Skill Self Introduction, Extempore/Impromptu 
  • Learn the difference between Normal English vs Smart English
  • Small Conversations, Fluency which will help you while doing Role-play.
  • This course is designed for those who have learned English as a second or third language, Hence have a bit of grammatical knowledge, but lack the confidence to speak English in public situations, due to the fear of being wrong. This level is to boost your English speaking skills to the next level.
  • This Advanced English-speaking course features realistic dialogues through the explanation of Advance English Grammar, Vocabulary, Learn different types of Nouns, Adverbs, hands-on various Tenses, Idiomatic expressions.
  • Variety of reading strategies and get unlimited access to new information. With this students will have a bundled with voice over the accent Enhance personality &Killing nervousness on talking ground, Moreover public speaking skills through group discussions so that you acquire all the spoken English skills required to communicate effectively with confidence.
  • Practice writing skills in English, How to write effective emails. Learn business correspondence required at work. Handling meetings confidently Delivering presentations and cracking the interview with your English Speaking skills Thousands of success stories of our participants and the powerful impact created in their lives fuels our drive to achieve bigger milestones.

Why learning English is beneficial?

67 countries in the world have adopted English as their official language. Huge populations in other 27 countries have English as their secondary language. With so many people speaking this language, it is a lethal communication tool !

It is the most used language for corporate communication. So if you are into the corporate world or aspire to be there, learning English can come real handy to anyone.

Today is an era of multinational firms spread across many countries. English being a major language in the business sector, knowing It well adds an advantage to your persona and communication skill.

A staggering 508 million people in the world speak English and communicate well in it. Knowing it makes you a native to so many people and most part of the world won’t seem like an alien territory at all !

More and more students are moving to the west as the best universities are located there. Knowing English helps in communicating and also assists massively in smoothly completing educational courses.

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